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About Us

Magnum Ventures Limited is an established company having been incorporated in Kenya in 2008 under the Companies Act.

Magnum Ventures Limited, deals in importation and distribution of beverages, with an illustrious legacy of success and growth in to a border-less world of products, services and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Drawing on its core competencies of Experience, Creativity and Quality Service, our company has diversified in to Trading and Exclusive Distributorship on prominent brands for beverages i.e., Wines & Spirits in Kenya.

We are determined to be the market leader focusing on customer needs, offering the best Beverages – Wines & Spirits to the satisfaction of our customer segments from Supermarket Chains, Hospitality Industries, Wholesalers & Retailers and individuals, supported by our motivated workforce, striving for consistent growth and contributing to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Vision

  • To be the number one beverage importation and distribution company in Kenya and East Africa that has a high quality portfolio of all major global brands.
  • To be able to provide our market with products as per the needs of consumers at the right price.
  • To represent our partners in Kenya and East Africa as if they were present themselves.

Our Mission

  • To meet and exceed the reasonable expectation of our customers and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. Satisfying them with appropriate level of quality is a primary goal and a fundamental element of our business mission.
  • Have a portfolio that will give us more clout and power in the market.

Our Strategy

  • Create brand champions for the major companies we represent. As a team we will achieve bigger volumes, profitable growth and stable long term relation together with our partners.
  • Have teams that focus on the respective (core) products to have an effective brand building distribution. To give aggressive strategic marketing with strong quality products on a mutually beneficial level.

Customer Service

Customer experience is the interaction between the brand and the customers, at Magnum Ventures, we understand our customer’s needs and demands. Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience while purchasing from Magnum Ventures. Happy buying.

Effective Distribution & Warehousing

We ensure our products are distributed to our target customer with our professional team.

General Inquiries

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Distributor of Award Winning Wines & Spirits